Thursday, September 20, 2012

Claudine's New Blog

I love Claudine. She can walk into my house, stand there for all of two  minutes and tell me exactly what it needs to look fabulous. And one of the really amazing things about Claudine is she gets me, which makes me think that she gets just about everybody, because I'm not that easy to get. Or maybe I'm just a lot simpler and less complicated than I think. But I'm unimportant. What matters is Claudine makes me feel like she not only understands what I like and what I don't, but that she approves and respects  my  own somewhat untrained and skewed sense of design. And since she does that for me, I bet she does that for everyone else, too.

Claudine already has a fabulous design blog
And now she has a new blog where she'll share craft know-how.

I'm so excited, I had to share, too.


  1. CLAUDINE- in this name Claudine what is each letters stand for to form a poem?
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  2. I'll give that post a 5 star review!
    Thanks Kristy! I think you are fabulous.