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Who is your favorite poets? Wordsworth? ee cummings? Elliot? Donne? Dickinson? It’s hard to choose. Mostly, it depends on my mood and if I need a Snowy Evening or Daffodils. In college I wrote a term paper on the poems of Emily Bronte and I think it’s fascinating that someone cloistered in such a small world could have such a tremendous depth of emotion. Today anyone with internet access lives in an enormous world. From my bedroom I can talk to someone in India. From my kitchen I can try a recipe from Africa. And I can “virtually meet” multitudes.

Recently I met a poet, Gavriel Navarro, and I’m so enchanted his words that I wanted to share them here. Enjoy.

A starry silence

In the tranquility of this fresh night
a starry silence in the evening sky
saturated the palate with crystalline honey
from my savage spirit within this vastness...

So was cutting the night, an angry star
fugitive as her woven hair to the horizon
falling from the sky into my heart, vibrant still
caressing the earth with the bless of her dust

When you burst the perfection of calmness
as a chrysalis of the night without disturbing it, serene
from your place of stars fallen on a full moon

We melted into one, eternal in my memory
permanent in this starry silence, solitary
and witness of your sagacity for not turning back...

Gavriel Navarro© 2012


Ocean of My Solitude

of this accelerated heart.
I think only in the silence of bringing her near and to live
In the vast immensity of this diaphanous night with
Anxieties of waking, will she still be there? And with the
Desire of knowing her nestled within my own immensity.
I try to climb to the site she gave me, and I sigh when
The solitude is pulled
This dark street is so lonely without her. I am entangled
In the throbbing sorrow out of shape at my withdrawal;
The night sounds are different from the quietude of other nights;
Tonight I want her near, and I shiver for no good reason;
I try to reach her, but she pulls away, unsure,
I try to decipher this unconquerable torment; I rush
Out into the dark street of indecision to keep from screaming;
My steps resound with the slow echo of my torment;
I don’t want to forget her even for a moment, I want
To reach her, but she pulls even further into the distance;
The only thing in the way of my knowing her is emptiness;
I embrace the air for one evaporating breath of her;
My thoughts keep spinning in a whirlwind of passion,
And I carry on here, in the ocean of my solitude...

Gavriel Navarro© 2010


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