Monday, July 9, 2012

Catfish Marketing Day 9, Group Blogs

Today I’m posting on the Author’s of Main Street. I wrote about my experience at a writer’s workshop I attend seven years ago. So in a way, today, if interested, you’ll get two bits of marketing advice, the first—group blogs, and if you follow this link the second on writer’s workshops—another fabulous way to meet fellow writers and get exposure for your work.

I love being an Author’s of Main Street author. Several months ago I joined an online writer’s group with about a thousand members. Someone had the brilliant idea of group blogs and eventually a data base was created where interested members posted their genre and “heat level”, sensuality—warm to hot. I put down cold as my heat level. My books are G (grandma) rated and I didn’t know if any of the other romance writers would be interested. And I still don’t know if our blog readers roll their eyes or skip  my posts, but I’m happy to be there because I’m rubbing shoulders with thirteen fellow writers and introducing myself and my work to all of their readers. And that’s what marketing is all about.

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