Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Catfish Marketing Campaign, Day 4 Social Media and Online Writers' Groups

Social Media and Online Writers' Groups
I try to spend a little time every day looking for free marketing and promotional opportunities. I think of it like a treasure hunt and I troll the internet, blogs, and social sites. And what am I looking for—other than free ways to promote? Opportunities to give and connect—to answer questions, to help out, to make kind, helpful suggestions, to offer some sort of service—and every time I do that—I sign my name and put a link to my blog and my books. Because I’m a firm believer in the what goes around comes around principle.  I once was asked to be a guest on a British sci-fi/fantasy blog ( and I thought—this isn’t my genre, no one reading this blog is going to buy my book—but that day, someone in the UK did.
I belong to several on-line writers’ groups that I found on Facebook, Linked-in, the Kindleboards and Goodreads. I’m also one of the thousands that belong to IndiRomanceInk and IndieAuthorsForum and I am sooooo grateful for these supportive, helpful and inspiring authors. And I’m a member of Authors Incognito—again, an incredibly supportive and helpful group.
I mostly lurk, read and learn from the more vocal, social members of the online writer’s world, but I read and learn a lot. And because it helps, I try to help in return.


  1. Social media has taken the solitary business of writing and made it a very social event. I'm part of the iWriteNetwork and when I'm writing, I go online where others who are writing frequently join in. We do sprints and account for what we've done with our time. We also brainstorm. Last night we started tossing ideas around and someone who was looking for something new loved them and jumped on. A new story in the making. I love it.

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