Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Catfish Marketing Campaign, Day 17 The Log Line Blog

There are a number of places to promote your book on line. Today I plan on posting my books on a sight called Log Line Blog http://theloglineblog.blogspot.com/ but before I do I thought I’d run my log lines here for critiques and comments. A log line is an abbreviated elevator pitch. An elevator pitch gets its name from the concept of running into a successful literary agent in an elevator and taking the opportunity to try and sell him/her your book before the elevator door opens and they can escape. An elevator ride—30 seconds. A log line—25 words. Here are log lines for your critique. The first is for Stealing Mercy, the second for A Ghost of a Second Chance. 

Serving murder, mayhem and pies, Stealing Mercy is set on the eve of the Great Seattle Fire, when more than a city burns.

With the help of a ghost, Laine unravels the mystery of her grandparents’ marriage and faces the question—can love live after it has died?

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  1. Kristy - thanks so much for your blog. I've been following the catfish campaign avidly and learning lots about (*shudder*) self-promotion.

    Concerning log-lines, my impression is that they should be short and punchy. The blog's example is "in space no-one can hear you scream" which conveys horror+SF but no details.

    So I'd recommend shortening yours to something like "Can love live, when your lover has died?" or even "Is there Love After Death"

    Just my 2cents. FWIW my Urban Fantasy logline (which goes with me, not an individual book) is "The Road to Hell is Paved With Bad Intentions."

    Thanks again *tremendously* for this blog!