Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Catfish Marketing Campaign Begins

I know I’ve blogged about this before, but here’s a reminder of the Catfish Marketing Campaign. Catfish Marketing, like catfish fishing means getting cold and wet, taking deep breaths and putting my head beneath the water and maybe even getting a little bloody. Catfish marketing means doing something every single ding-dong day to market my books.

But today is Sunday and I don’t work on the Sabbath. And tomorrow is my wedding anniversary, which means I’ll be spending the day with the man I committed to share eternity with more than half my life time ago. And then it’s the fourth of July and we’re going boating at Lake Mead, then its the weekend and Chandler’s birthday party followed by another Sunday. And not only is today the Sabbath, but Bethany, Brandon, Chandler, Sterling, Dave and Davey are visiting. Typically, there are five of us in our house on Sembrado, but last weekend a kid named Brad and a puppy named LaRue came to stay. And the week before we had Chelsea and two of her girlfriends—which I didn’t meet because I was in Washington, visiting my dad, who had a heart attack five weeks ago and has since last 60 pounds. That’s 60 pounds in five weeks—235 to 165. When people come to stay, it’s always nice to have clean towels, sheets and toilets. I like to sweep the crumbs out of the pantry, so that my guests think that we’re habitually tidy--even if I happen to be in Washington visiting my ailing father, who doesn’t seem to be getting better.

So, is there room in my life for Catfish Marketing? Can I really expect to not only publish two books in the next six weeks, plan and throw a wedding reception, celebrate my anniversary and two important birthdays, go on two vacations, pick up dry cleaning, mop the floors, provide meals, make sure the dog gets exercise and spend time every day marketing my books?


Here’s the game plan. Today—with this blog—I’m kicking off the campaign and asking other anyone with anything to market to join me. It’s going to be a great month. Here’s a taste of what’s in store:

Donation ideas
A call for Ghost Stories
Media sites
Blog visits
Business cards
Free downloads
Review sites
Book trailer tutorials
Publish said Ghost Stories
And more…

So, please join me as I devote a month to learning how to break out of my shell, get a little cold, wet and maybe even bloody while balancing a life and a houseful of people I love.


  1. You go girl!

    It just takes planning. I've done the wedding reception thing a few times, and once you have your plan down, it's easy. Work, but easier.

    Everything is easier with a plan, that's what I'm doing today. Planning July along with promotion, getting edits back on my novella, writing a new non-fiction book that WILL be done this month, and guess's on organization.

    So I know you can do it!

  2. Thanks, Pepper. Promotion is so foreign to me. My goal after this month of learning is to try and do something promotion-wise every day and have it be as natural as sitting down at the computer and typing a sentence.

  3. Kristy, It is great to see more Mormon authors! My husband and I were sealed May 25, 1978 in the StL Temple. We've been together 37 years. Yes, life gets hectic sometimes, but with plans and organization, as Pepper said, it is easier. We went on vacation 2 weeks ago and nearly lost my husband to an accidental overdose of muscle relaxers. A blessing was what brought him out of it. Life is fragile, so enjoy everyone much! It's just my husband and I, with the 2 granddaughters we've raised, but with 6 children and 14 grands scattered through the states, things like this coming week in your life happen often! I will tweet your blog, I really enjoyed reading this post, and hope to return and read more. Have a great week! Happy anniversary (ours was Father's Day).