Friday, July 20, 2012

Catfish Campaign, Day 20, Blog Guests

It’s nice to have visitors. It’s friendly. It’s cooperative promotion. I’ve invited Jackie Hyman, AKA Jacqueline Diamond to visit. Here’s Jackie’s bio: Jackie Diamond Hyman is the author of more than 90 published novels, including romances, mysteries and paranormals. She is also a former Associated Press TV columnist. To read more about Jackie, please visit her website

Recently Jackie had tremendous success when she entered her novel BY LEAPS AND BOUNDS in the KDP Select program. I want to know how Jackie got more than 30 thousand downloads in her three free days prior to entering the program. I want to know how she spread the word. Did she use a bullhorn? Banners? What?

I also want to know what has happened since she entered the KDP program. Did the downloads from LEAPS AND BOUNDS bump up her other sales? And would she recommend the program? What are her feelings about freebies? A brilliant marketing device—or a flooding of the market?

I also want to know Jackie’s best promotional advice, because my goal is to watch and learn from Jackie.

Not everyone is as lucky as I am to know someone like Jackie, but I really do believe everyone has something to teach us. If you know someone with something to share, invite them to your blog. Share the wealth of knowledge.

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