Thursday, June 14, 2012

From Arlington, AKA Rose Arbor

When I began The Rhyme's Library, this was the house in my head. It's the old Ellis's house on Becky Avenue, just down the street from my dad's house. Lindie and Suzie Ellis, twins, were often my babysitters. I find it a little coincidental that Lindie died of an aggressive form of Alzheimer at age 57 and my character Charlotte also suffered from a mental illness.

Here's a picture from downtown Arlington, the town I've fictionalized for my Rose Arbor series. This is the clock in Legion Park, just beyond it is the gazebo where Laine and Bette sit eating apple fritters in A GHOST OF A SECOND CHANCE. Sadly, one of my favorite Arlingont shops has disappeared--the bakery.
I also liked this house on Macloud Street. I like the weird shadow in the window. Of the  house pictures--which do you think would make the best cover for THE RHYME'S LIBRARY? (It's a mystery.)


  1. I like that last one. Out of curiosity, do you have to get the owner's permission to use it? Just wondering.

  2. I got permission for the house on Becky Avenue, but I don't know the owner of the house on Macloud. I've been by several times and no one was at home. If I decide to use the photo, I'll write to them and let them know as a courtesy, but I don't think that legally I have a responsibility. I didn't trespass. If anything, I would think (hope) they'd be flattered.

  3. I like the last one definitely. It has a library look to it.

  4. I like the last house. Both pictures are good.