Sunday, March 4, 2012


I love and highly recommend Wendy Watson Nelson’s book CHANGE YOUR QUESTIONS CHANGE YOUR LIFE. The book “invites us to pause and reflect on the different kinds of questions we can ask and the remarkable ways new questions can help us solve old problems.”

Today I focused on chapter two and it’s questions—but really just two questions. How different would my life be if I discovered that my problem was actually a solution to another problem? Could it be that I’m willing to sacrifice my health, my happiness and my goals by hanging onto this problem so that someone else or some other relationship can benefit?And I realized that for me the answers to those questions are yes. Sad, but true.

Wendy says: Until I can find another way to_______ through______I will continue to sacrifice my_______ (goals, happiness, health, relationships).

So, now armed with that knowledge, what can I do? And that led me to more of Wendy’s questions.

What is another, less destructive, more positive way that I can (you’re supposed to fill in the blank here, but for me the blank is) interact so that I can stop my problem RIGHT NOW?

And that led to the very best questions of all: What if I woke up tomorrow and a miracle had occurred and my problem was gone? How would I know? What would be different? What would I do?

I liked the answers to these questions so much I decided to answer the miracle questions. Right Now. I can live as if the questions have already been answered. It might not always be easy and I’m wondering if there might be some old, tired relationships that I need to rethink or rebalance, but I know I can do this. I’ve found some answers.

So, if you have questions, I recommend CHANGE YOUR QUESTIONS CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Please feel free to ask me tomorrow if I’m living my miracle answers.

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  1. I love the idea that with observation everything changes. When you take time to observe and record then review. Everything you accept as fact becomes fiction usually. This is one of the great equalizers of life. What we think we do or are usually is not upon closer inspection. ;D