Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cover Critiques Wanted

A few exciting things are happening.

1. I’m crossing the final humphda of my current work in progress. The story that felt as solid as Jello has finally melded into something I love. It goes to an editor in ten days—just enough time for some spit and polish.

2. I got a photo shop program for Christmas and I’m excited to learn how to design my own book covers. This means two things—next month I’ll be publishing not only my new novel A GHOST OF A SECOND CHANCE, but also my short story MAGIC BENEATH THE HUCKLEBERRIES.

3. Next week I’m a part of a massive blog hop and I’m planning on slashing the price of the e-book edition of STEALING MERCY (for a limited time.)

So, here’s my question. Can you tell my novel STEALING MERCY is a romantic suspense from its cover? I love the cover. I loved creating it, BUT would it sell better if it’s cover screamed this is a romaction that will keep you awake at night? Should I redesign the cover before the price slash? (Get a gander of my book on the sidebar.)

Opinions welcome. Thank you.


  1. The cover looks good but I would change the font of Stealing. It's really hard to read, but this might be because it's small. Between the title and the picture I think it would sell.

  2. I think a man's hand--reaching for her hand...might scream more romance. Although the satiny cover is good...:)

  3. I like the cover, too. David Farland did a recent series on his Daily Kicks about the importance of book covers and how they relate to sales. And in this day of ebooks and even ordering paper book via Amazon, it's important that the cover work as a thumbnail. For that reason, Gail's suggestion that "Stealing" might be too small is a valid one. Here's link to his site. I think you'd have to go back to early September.

    I'm not really creative when it comes to things like covers, but I like Taryn's suggestion of a man's hand.

    Good luck!

  4. Honestly, at first glance it screamed romance, but not suspense. But I'm a guy, so take that into consideration. The font of the word "Stealing" made me think it had something to do with sewing, and like Gail said, it isn't the easiest thing to read. At first glance I thought the title of the book was "Mercy."

    Maybe add a knife? :)

  5. I think you got some great feedback from the previous comments..I learned something myself..good luck!

  6. You guys are awesome. Thank you!