Monday, March 7, 2011

Friend's Books

One of the wonderful things about life is getting know everyone else. I really believe that everyone has something to share, something to teach. Being a writer means I get to meet a lot of other writers and I’m certain their creativity rubs off on me. I always leave my writers group inspired, thoughts and ideas bouncing around my head, eager for my next writing session. Writer’s conferences, workshops, book signings, anywhere writer-types gather to mix and mingle there’s sure to be creative energy flowing. And, if I’m lucky, and I usually am, I make friends with writers who actually sell books.

So, here’s the link to two writer friends. The first is my critique partner, Melanie Jacobson. Her first book came out this week. She’s the answer to my niece’s question, “Why can’t anyone write clean chick-lit?”

The second is a man I met four years ago at a writer’s conference. I don’t know Scott well, but I do remember him, and I’m proud to say I knew him when his book was not much more than an idea. (Perhaps someday he’ll say the same about me.)

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